An imaginary story of hope, dedication and hard working values are combined with a bit of suspense in author Sandra C. Addis’ clever children’s book titled 3 Sprites and a Bed: A Fairy Tale.

Emily Richards is a young teenage girl when on day, returning to an antique store to pick up a package , she comes upon a bit of magic. There, in the back, roped off so customer would not touch was an old walnut hand-carved bed. What made this bed so special were these three wooden girl figurines, which would spin around on their wooden bases to the music of a waltz when a builtin music box would be wound up with a key from the rear of the headboard. Admired by all of the customers, this bed had one obstacle for which no one would buy it – it was simply way too expensive. The bed had a price tag of $3,000!

The magic was revealed to Emily by mistake. There, in the quiet of the closing moments of the antique store, the three wooden sculptures would come to life with magical power of Sprites, dancing and flying around the empty store, playing hide and seek and having fun. But the store wasn’t empty; Emily was there and she actually saw them! She was amazed.

This began a secret relationship in which the Sprites trusted Emily not to tell anyone, so as to keep their magical powers a secret. Emily was eager to agree, although for a young teenager it was very difficult for her no to tell anyone, especially here parents.

The plot thickens when another character, the Aqua Woman, has a curse that has a time frame of one year to solve a mystery – or else the Sprites would turn back to wood forever. Emily has to help them. The answer is to buy the bed, but coming up with $3,000 as a teenager was a challenge, as Emily was a year too young at the time to work. What I like is how Addis keep a “running tally” of the amount of money Emily had, and how much more she needed, and tracked this monetary friction pegged against the time frame of one year – the duration of time before the curse took its course. This is a very good lesson for children to learn how they need to save their money by foregoing the little things in order to save up enough money for a major purchase.

The book is laden with illustrations to imprint the story into the young minds of the readers, or those the book is read to. A wonderful story for bedtime, taking just enough time to elaborate on various interleaving themes adding complexity to the story, but never losing sight of the main challenge Emily faces.

The wholesome values of hard work, keeping secrets and the love of parents showing their daughter how much they would sacrifice for her are brought together in 3 Sprites and a Bed: A Fairy Tale.