Oako’s Heart of Gold

This book is meant for every child in every ethnic group or race that he/she belongs to. Perhaps you will recognize yourself in one of these situations. The age and sex is not important. There is hope for a solution to every problem, however difficult.


Charming and heartfelt, Oako’s Heart of Gold will encourage any young reader, even adult readers, to treat everyone they meet with empathy. You never know what someone may be going through, but a kind gesture, even the smallest one, can make an enormous difference in someone’s life.
Oako is a tree; a magical, sentient, towering … Read More

Oako is no ordinary tree: He can fly, make himself invisible to people, and speak to children under fourteen years of age. Oako’s magic comes from the love of the boy who planted him over one century ago. The friendly oak tree has seen much as he grew and now uses his wisdom and magic … Read More