Flashlight On, Night Fright Off

Two chipmunks, Mack and Fran, decide to help Emily, for she is a little girl who cries at night. That is not an easy task for animals! First, they must wake Emily’s parents, but the door to their room is almost closed. Then there is Slipper, the family cat -their greatest fear. Even though they do not know why Emily cries, Mack and Fran work out a plan to help her.

Daddy shows Emily that with the help of a much-treasured flashlight, the dark is not to be feared, and what child can resist a Daddy who lovingly holds his child on his shoulders? And what does she have to fear with God watching over her, as she says her bedtime prayers?

With its humorous chipmunks and a great message on how to end those monster scares, Flashlight On, Night Fright Off is a delightful picture book for any child who is afraid of the dark. Sandra C. Addis shares a childhood memory of her dad in a compassionate and wonderful story.