3 Sprites and a Bed : A Fairy Tale

This fairy tale is about Emily who discovers that the three Sprites dance, fly, talk, sing, and play. This discovery occurs at Castle Antiques. The three musical Sprites are detachable wooden carvings in niches of the bed’s headboard. A spell has been placed on the Sprites by Aqua Woman from another planet and galaxy. Once someone discovers the secret of the Sprites’ bed, this person must own the bed a year from that date. Otherwise, the 3 Sprites become solid wood forever. Emily becomes the person who must help the three Sprites. She cannot tell anyone about the dilemma. Complications arise, so the task of owning a $3,000 bed is a huge problem for Emily, since she is only fifteen years old. Aqua woman eventually gives the three Sprites another option to cancel the spell. They must name the planet she is from. Aqua Woman chants a few lines of nonsense in whispers. After many months of anguish and worry, there is a happy ending.


An imaginary story of hope, dedication and hard working values are combined with a bit of suspense in author Sandra C. Addis’ clever children’s book titled 3 Sprites and a Bed: A Fairy Tale.
Emily Richards is a young teenage girl when on day, returning to an antique store to pick up a package … Read More